Friday, January 14, 2011

Surgical Intervention

Since Oscar seems to like chewing cloth objects like socks, dish towels or mittens, we figured we'd buy him a chew toy that he might actually enjoy (as opposed to all of those rubber ones he was interested in for about a minute and now ignores).

Enter the Nylabone Happy Moppy, which is basically a bunch of cloth pieces all tied together that he can chew. We figured out that he enjoys chewing knots, like the ones at the end of sweatshirt drawstrings, so we tied knots in most of the cloth pieces. He really liked it, especially the little orange nubbins that you can see on the right side of the Happy Moppy in the picture. What he liked best was tearing them off and eating them. Not so good. So...

We had to lop off the fuzzy orange pieces. Look how much he chewed off of the one on the left! We were finding orange bits in his poop, so it had to be done. Sorry, Happy Moppy!

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