Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free the Schnauzer!

Oscar has been crate trained, so he always sleeps in his crate at night. When we are out at work, he is in an exercise pen that is connected up with his crate, since we wanted to at least let him move around and play with his toys. The reason we haven't given him the run of the house when we are gone is because he chews just about anything he can get his little paws on and we don't want him getting into dangerous situations like getting into places he shouldn't, or knocking things over. Now that he's more or less at his full-grown size, he can get up onto lower tables and steal whatever is on them, and he can grab things that we accidentally leave near the edge of countertops.

We don't really want to keep him in his pen during the day anymore if we don't have to, but we don't just want to let him loose all of a sudden. We'll do a second round of puppy-proofing around the house and then leave him out when we run short errands to see how he does and then go from there. We might also start letting him out at night as well, since he's probably less likely to get into trouble when he's sleepy...but no guarantees!

Oscar was bored, so he decided to renovate his exercise pen.

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