Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Treacherous Afternoon at the Dog Park

It was absolutely beautiful here on Friday. It was 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny. Of course, that lasted all day while I was indoors at work, and by the time I left for the day, it had gotten dark and cold. It's been freezing ever since. We thought it would be relatively warm today so we brought Oscar to the dog park, but it was -10 degrees (14 Fahrenheit) with a windchill of -17 (1 Fahrenheit) so we didn't stay as long as we usually do.

Since it was so insanely warm on Friday, a ton of snow melted. You could actually see grass! But when it got cold again, that meant the big puddles from the melted snow froze over. The dog park looked like a skating rink, and the paths were pretty much all ice. It was a little dangerous!

We spent most of the time at the park trying not to slip.

It looks like we're on the shore of a pond!

Oscar didn't have too much trouble getting around, though he slipped once and a bigger dog knocked him over another time while playing a little too enthusiastically. I had a mishap of my own, when a mid-sized dog knocked me over while running around, even though it was on a leash. The owner didn't even apologize...probably because she was busy talking on her cell phone. Sigh. Not impressed!

All is well though, and Oscar had a good (though cold) day of exercise and socialization at the dog park. When we got home, I threw one of his favourite squeaky toys for him to fetch and he just stood there looking at it from across the room. Now he's snuggled up in his crate and can't be bothered to move from there. Smart dog.

Notice the open door...
but Oscar's only interested in sleeping!


Bocci said...

We love this: someone's dog actually knocked you down and no apology?
That happened to Parental Unit and she yelled after the guy, and he just ignored her:-) Are some people that rude and/or oblivious to others, or what?

Oskar said...

Some people are just so rude, they could learn a thing or two from us pets!

I'm glad you had fun.

Nubbin wiggles,

1000 Goldens said...

That looks treacherous! Brrr....!

Banjo and Millie said...

Oh my, Oscar, that sounds like a very cold outing. But still fun to get out and about, nonetheless! Sounds like a good time!

Banjo & Millie

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