Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Puppy Personality Testing

Right now I'm reading Jennifer Arnold's Through a Dog's Eyes. It's a very interesting book which discusses all sorts of aspects of dog behaviour and biology and how they affect the relationship between dogs and their people. I'll probably talk about some of the issues it raises in more detail once I've finished it, because the book contains many intriguing facts as well stories about special dogs that amazed me. I'd highly recommend it. It's a very good read!

One intriguing part of the book was the discussion of dogs and whether or not they have personalities. According to Ms. Arnold, they do, and I agree. I'd really be interested to know how many dog owners out there don't believe that their dogs have unique personalities! Anyway, there is a dog personality test that Ms. Arnold discusses which is online here. Apparently it can help to determine your dog's personality out of 12 possible distinct personalities, based on three aspects:

  • Environmental: whether your dog is organized or spontaneous;
  • Social: whether your dog is an alpha (a leader), a beta (a "social climber" who challenges where he stands in the social order), or a gamma (a follower); and
  • Energy: high or medium (I'm not sure why there isn't a "low").

I tried the test and Oscar came out an Adventurer - a spontaneous, beta and high energy dog. Sounds about right! What's yours?

The very image of an Adventurer -
he's almost too fast to take a picture of!


Wyatt said...

Crazy Terrier Dog!


Pearl and Daisy said...

Ooh, I love this. I teach Personality (to humans) and absolutely believe animals have personalities too but I've never seen a test for dogs. Cool!

Sue (Pearl & Daisy's mom)

OscarBlogger said...

I thought it was neat! I love little quizzes like this. Teaching Personality must be interesting! I took a Social Psychology class in undergrad - not the same thing I'm sure - and I loved it. I liked learning lots of random, neat things about people and how they interact with each other. I'd totally take a Personality class!

LuLu and Wally said...

Fun! I took the test and it was spot on for both dogs. LuLu came up as a "Diplomat", which is perfect. She's earned the nickname "the peacemaker" for her awesome diplomacy skills. LOL! Like Oscar, Wally came up as an "Adventurer" - no doubt!. He certainly does keep us on our toes! ;)

OscarBlogger said...

It would probably be helpful to have a Diplomat in the house with an Adventurer!

LuLu and Wally said...

Yes, I'm sure that's why they get along so well. She always lets him have his way without putting up a fuss. Although, now that he's almost as big as her, she's more inclined to tell him to go mind his own beeswax. LOL

Katie said...

Hi Oscar! We are new followers and we have an Oscar, too! He's a labradoodle. Stop over and check us out! http://thedogblog84.blogspot.com/

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