Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, That's One Way to Feed the Dog...

I was trying to put the top on the Kong Wobbler to feed Oscar his breakfast this morning, but then I dropped the bottom, which was already full of food, and made a bit of a mess. Oscar helped me clean some of it up before I put him in his exercise pen with a fresh scoop of food (in a closed Wobbler this time) while I swept everything up.

We feed him with the Wobbler at almost every meal. If we give him his food in bowls, he devours it in under a minute. With the Wobbler, he has to nudge or push the Wobbler around until the food falls out, so it really slows down his eating. I also like that it makes him work for his food because I think it stimulates him mentally more than just having his food presented to him.

I am really interested in getting a Buster Cube as well, which serves the same purpose - the puppy has to nudge it around until the food comes out. I've had trouble finding one though. This weekend, I saw some new Kong Genius toys which I think would be great to use at mealtime because they are stuffable. I'd really like to get one of those to try out as well. Maybe in the new year, after we recover from the Christmas spending!

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