Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tips and Tricks from Planet Earth

Miniature schnauzers were originally bred for ratting, among other farm-related duties. I have read that keeping small animals like gerbils or hamsters in homes with miniature schnauzers is not recommended, because the mini's instinct may be to hunt them. Oscar tends to be strangely oblivious to animals like squirrels unless they run straight across his path, but he's very intrigued by birds. He also loves to dig, especially to find interesting things like chestnuts which squirrels have buried in our yard.

Usually Oscar is pretty uninterested in the TV. We were watching Planet Earth this afternoon, though, and it was the most attention Oscar has paid to the TV since we got him. He barked at the birds, and watched almost the entire sequence about foxes who steal eggs and bury them. He was so intrigued that he didn't even chew on his bully stick - he just kept it in his mouth and stared straight ahead at the TV with his paw on the armrest. Maybe he was watching to pick up a few prowling and digging tips!

Just a side note - Planet Earth is an amazing and beautiful documentary. If you like nature shows, I would highly recommend watching the series!

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Oskar said...

We used to have a gerbil & a hamster & when I could see their cages it would drive me nuts! They just kept them away from me. I LOVE to chase squirrels and am a master hole digger!

Nubbin wiggles,

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