Saturday, December 11, 2010

All Spruced Up!

We took Oscar to the groomer today. He got a bath, brush, nail trim and some clipper work. I still think his fur is still a little too short, but the upside is that we can wait longer between grooming sessions if we trim him a bit shorter. The groomer trimmed the hair on top of his head too, so he doesn't have the poufy look this time.  

The groomer said he was "difficult" today, unlike the first time he was groomed when he had only started getting a bit agitated when she started cleaning up his face. She said it's common for puppies at around 6 or 7 months to "regress" a bit and get overexcited.  

I feel like my child's just gotten a bad report card! It's true though - I have noticed that he gets excited lately. Not that he wasn't always excitable when he was a young puppy (he is a miniature schnauzer after all), but I find sometimes lately he just decides not to listen. Our trainer had also said that this tends to happen between 6-8 months, so we plan on taking him to another obedience class starting in the new year to keep his mind focused and keep him accustomed to following commands (and also to learn the Heel command, which would be extremely helpful because he still hasn't mastered the art of loose leash walking). We've also been trying to reinforce the commands we learned in puppy class, just so he doesn't forget them.

He looks so much skinnier now with this new haircut, but you can also really see his face now.  He looks so serious! Since his fur is so much shorter, it's also much softer, since most of the wiry overcoat was trimmed off.  Very handsome!

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