Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taking a Little Break for the Holidays...

We're getting ready to head out of town to spend the holidays with family. Since the trip involves a long plane ride, Oscar will be staying with some friends of ours. They are the owners of Oscar's cockapoo friend, Mia, who is about a year and a half old (give or take).

While we'll miss Oscar over the Christmas holidays, we don't really want to test him by bringing him on a plane for several hours in the winter while he's this young, not to mention rambunctious and noisy. Even if he's cute, I'm sure the other passengers would hate a barking miniature schnauzer even more than they would hate a screaming baby on the plane.  No one needs that kind of travel experience at Christmastime!  Maybe we'll try when he's older and calmer.

We know Oscar's in good hands though. When we dropped him off tonight, he was too busy playing to be upset that we were leaving. Oscar and Mia have been pals since right after he got his shots and the vet gave us the go-ahead for him to play with other (fully vaccinated) pups. Here are some pictures of Oscar and Mia playing from a few nights ago. He'll definitely get his exercise over the next few days. Mia is a sweet pup, and more laid back than Oscar.  Maybe she'll help Oscar with his manners, too!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Where are we going, and why do I have to sit back here by myself?

Are we there yet?

Nothing wrong with a good game of tug of war!

Looking pretty ferocious...

A picture from tonight - Oscar exploring his new digs.

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