Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working on Patience

The biggest goal for me with Oscar's training is to work on reining in his natural excitable tendencies. We make him wait for things in order to teach him patience and control. He has to sit and wait before he gets breakfast, before he's allowed to go through doors, and before he goes up and down stairs. We also work on his Leave It command, which comes in particularly handy on walks because he loves eating random garbage on the street, and is lightning fast about it - which is funny because when we give him fruits or vegetables he hasn't tried yet, he'll put it in his mouth and then spit it out a bunch of times before he decides that it's okay to eat. Silly dog.

Here we are working on his patience by practicing Leave It. I was also trying to keep him occupied by stuffing treats inside his Hol-EE Roller. It's one of my favourites because it's so durable and because we can stuff treats in it, which is crucial for keeping our little Oscar's interest in a toy for more than a couple of minutes. He also likes it when it's empty though, because when we throw it to play fetch with him, it's really bouncy! I found some Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats today at PetSmart, which I thought would be great to get for him because he eats Blue Buffalo kibble and seems to really like it. I also liked that the treats are grain-free, and that the first two ingredients are duck and chicken. Nice! I put the treat inside the toy for him to play with.

"I really want to eat that."

Look how cute these treats are!

Putting the treat inside the toy slows
him down for about two seconds.

"Now can I eat that?"


Oskar said...

I LOVE my holey roller toy & I get Milk-Bones in it.

Nubbin wiggles,

yuki the dog said...

oh yes, I love the blue buffalo line. Yuki eats the life protection for puppies, chicken&brown rice...when I start switching her over next month to adult food I want to try the wilderness line because I read that it's rated higher than the other blue buffalo lines ...I also like to use the blue bits for training, since not only are they healthy, they're tiny. Keep up the good job with leave it. When yuki was in training she had to even leave it with squeaky balls rolling past took her a while not to chase the ball, but eventually she stopped and listened. :)

Rubie said...

My people make me "stay" and "wait" and "leave it" too. It's no fun..... your peeps and mine must go to the same skool or something.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Amber-Mae said...

OH "leave it" is one of my most least favorite commands. It's just so heard to leave anything that is so delicious.

Magic said...

Leave is so hard to do - I am getting there when we do training - and yes..I always get suspicious when my humans offer me something new -I always think that might not be as tasty as what I find in the garden or the street.It must be a schnauzer thing that humans don't understand :-)

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