Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Walk in the Park

We went to the dog park yesterday. It was sunny out, but not too hot - great weather for walking around. The last time we went to the park, the leaves hadn't fully grown in on the trees yet. This time, in certain parts of the park, it was like we were walking around in the middle of a forest. It was lovely! We've gone with our friends and their cockapoo the last couple of times, which is nice not just because we get to spend time together, but also because their pup is much better at staying close by than Oscar is.  When she stays close, Oscar tends to stay near her, rather than run off to visit other dogs or smell whatever it is he likes to smell.

This time, we went on our own. I was a little worried that Oscar would run off, like the first time we took him, when he bolted and we had to full out chase him (we didn't stand a chance - good thing he decided to stop and let us catch up with him). The park is huge so it's a real worry for me that Oscar will bolt and we will lose sight of him or won't be able to catch him. We've actually seen a couple of people in the park who had lost track of their dogs and were wandering around, calling for them. How sad would it be to lose your pup at a dog park? I couldn't imagine it.

He was pretty good yesterday, though, and stayed close for the most part. He did have fun sniffing around and socializing with other dogs. Now that summer is in full swing, I think the smells are even stronger than they used to be, because he had his nose to the ground a lot, though I suppose that is typical schnauzer behaviour. Afterwards, he was pretty relaxed in the car and took a long nap when he got home, which is exactly what we wanted. Good dog!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Schnauzer Days said...

What a great park to walk in Oscar! Our human does things like hide behind trees and then call us so we have to hunt for her, she says this helps keep us close. Maybe your human would try this, ours gets some funny looks sometimes but it does make us keep an eye on her, Dex & Lou x

Branson said...

What a cool and huge dog park!! That looks like a ton of fun. I don't have a dog park near me, but mommy takes me to the beach to run around a bunch. I like your blog, glad I found it on Two Grad Students and a Pittie.
Branson the Great Dane

OscarBlogger said...

It's a very roomy park! Lots of room for our little guy to run around.

Thanks for the tip, Dex and Louis - I'll try that the next time we go. It sounds like a good idea!

Hi Branson - thanks for stopping by! It must be nice to have a beach to visit. I wish we lived near one!

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