Saturday, April 30, 2011

Out in the Garden

Spring is finally here! It was the first beautiful spring day we have had, and everyone was out and about enjoying it. People were eating lunch outside and a lot of people (us included) headed out to home improvement and garden stores. I saw (and definitely heard) more motorcycles, dirtbikes and convertibles go by today than I can remember from all of last year.

We took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather to get outside and clean up the lawn and garden. We tied Oscar out so that he could keep us company and enjoy the outdoors. He was very well behaved and only barked at a passerby once. Good dog! He did trample some of my new tulips, but I'll try to keep teaching him to stay out of the flowerbeds so hopefully that won't last too much longer (and the tulips bounced back okay).

Guarding the front yard.

Exploring the garden - and thankfully not
trampling anything (at least not in this picture).

Enjoying the sun.

It's so nice to finally see plants coming up!

Tulips!  Several of the ton that I planted in the fall.
I can't wait for them to bloom.

Sniffing around - that's Oscar's specialty.

Posing for pictures (after tangling
his lead around a poor little plant).

Oscar was apparently trying to be helpful by
digging up the rocks around the flowerbed.

I was too slow to get a shot of Oscar trying to eat
the rake. He hates the rake as much as he hates
the vacuum, broom and shovel.

Oscar was very calm outside.  Good dog!

Hens and chicks.

We took him on a walk this evening and we were out for about an hour. Oscar's blurry in these pictures because he was full of energy, and was very busy sniffing absolutely everything. He was pretty tired when we got back - it's been a busy day, after all.

Yay for spring!


Amber-Mae said...

It sure looked like it was a beautiful day! Sniffing the ground is my specialty too. HEE HEE

Schnauzer Days said...

Oscar what a fun day you had helping out in the garden. We try to help but only get told off for eating weeds - only trying to help! Dex & Lou x

Oskar said...

Yep, it's a fact we schnauzers are excellent gardners! I'm cheif hole digger & toad licker.

Nubbin wiggles,

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Oscar looks like he really enjoyed playing in the flower bed. Gus use to bite the blossoms off of our flowers when he was a puppy.

Sawyer the Schnauzer said...

Saturday was gorgeous! We got out a little bit too, finally!

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